Terms of use

    1.1 Login details
    When you register your account on ProPTP, you need to choose both a username and a password. You are responsible for your account details, store them safely. In case you suspect that your account has been used by somebody else, you should notify us as soon as possible. Before you contact us, make sure to change your password, if you can. We do not share your account details with any 3rd party.

    1.2 Costs and Fees
    Becoming a member at ProPTP is free.
    2.1 Integration to websites
    Integration to websites could be done using one of our integration methods, specified when you're logged in to your account. The code our system generates is not allowed to modify in any way. Violation against this may result in a ban of your account.

    2.2 Ads placement
    It is not allowed to place ads on websites that...
    ... are not having any real traffic by humans
    ... contains more ads than content
    ... promotes any type of illegal activity
  3. 3. AD NETWORK
    3.1 Earnings
    Earnings are awarded in points, which later can be exchanged into real money. You can find the current conversion rate when you are logged in to your account, by clicking on "Exchange Points" in the logged in user menu.

    3.2 Payments
    Payments are processed daily without any fees. When you have exchanged your points into real money, you are able to request a cashout. Login to your account, and click "Cashout" in the logged in user menu. You are able to choose between multiple payment processors of your choice.
    The services are provided "as-is" and as available. We expressly disclaim any warranties and conditions of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to, the warranties or conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, quiet enjoyment, accuracy, or non-infringement.