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[11:13:58] RaMzEz: @admin payment 2 manth pending!
[11:14:09] RaMzEz: it is not OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:32:00] redtefa: Hello.
Why charged 0.3-0.2-0.1 points compre 3-2-1 , so it turns out that $ 0.5-1.5 per 10,000 rather than for 1000
[15:02:17] Admin [admin]: RaMzEz: Your cashout has been sent now along with all others :)
[16:08:30] umutrey: Cashout requested using PayPal (processing)
[16:08:42] umutrey: No come my withdraw
[16:11:48] umutrey: ege dostum 100 puan 0.05$
[18:00:41] Blackhawk33: where is my money...since 2016/04/15
[19:48:08] Blackhawk33: 2016-04-15 Cashout requested using PayPal (pending)..HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PAY ME...
[14:19:02] Blackhawk33: Cashout requested using PayPal (pending) since 2016-04-15...where is my cash...
[18:02:19] raj1710: my promote page can't open
[20:41:57] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! :) All pending payments have been confirmed tonight! Expect your payments to arrive within a few hours! Thanks a lot.
[07:14:04] RaMzEz: payment not payed yet!!!!
[19:35:32] RaMzEz: payment from 2016-04-13 not get yet! Admin it is not good
[10:57:23] RaMzEz: @admin - site going scam ?
[16:05:37] Howtoforall: Question.... ad publiser code, doesn't display 320 ad but opens pop-up and redirects. do you guys have the same problem?
[08:08:17] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments have been sent out on PayPal, OkPay and Payza! You should see the status "Processing".
[08:08:17] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments have been sent out on PayPal, OkPay and Payza! You should see the status "Processing".
[08:08:17] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments have been sent out on PayPal, OkPay and Payza! You should see the status "Processing".
[13:28:38] gubumexif: site scam
[13:29:05] gubumexif: Cashout requested using PayPal (completed) is not pay
[18:16:32] Daxuz: Thanks foy payment admin :D
[23:12:21] MaxKode: thank you for payment
[16:46:53] igor12345: I requested cashout yesterday. When I will recive payment.
[01:15:53] sayatomx: where is my unique link to refer friends?
[20:07:42] sayatomx: here is a list of the best autosurf traffic exchange bit.ly/2azAKLN
here you will also find a ptp sites list, just like this
[16:49:35] RaMzEz: @admin when pending payment will be done ?
[16:51:35] RaMzEz: @admin payment requested in 2016-06-27 still pending
[06:20:00] khoavd: where i can find my refer link?
[16:49:12] blakePTC: works now ?
[09:57:07] sayatomx: TOP Autosurf Traffic Exchange wx.cm/t9k
TOP PTP Sites wx.cm/t9k
GET More Referrals goo.gl/MQwKIZ
TOP PTC Sites wx.cm/t9k
[16:35:46] RaMzEz: @admin when payment will be done?
[14:53:06] cosmos7: @admin, whats the frequency of payments crediting to respective accounts, daily or weekly ?
[15:18:32] cosmos7: site says they process payments daily, is it so?
[19:12:20] RaMzEz: @admin payment 2016-06-27 Cashout requested using OkPay (pending)
[23:10:02] Admin [admin]: Hello :) All pending cashouts have now been set to processing and will be sent out within a few hours! Thank you all.
[17:46:21] tndeath: cashout marked as completed but money not received
[01:19:09] tndeath: payment received i got 41$ big thanks
[15:38:14] RoyalCeres68: hi
[11:47:33] RaMzEz: admin direct link redirecting!!! i stoped to send traffic
[13:37:12] bablor: hi
[12:09:10] sinclair: are EXOPTP pay or is it a scam?
[10:16:58] RaMzEz: exoptp - scam!
[18:15:00] paloh707: wow
[06:42:34] xinxc0d3: How can I see my earning?
[21:35:09] ayan88: When pending payment is cleared
[11:30:27] Grow: It this scam?
[04:01:06] hotjet: your iframe is broken my site.
[13:06:10] coolpben: With the ads publisher 1000 impression by just seeing it or do the visitors must click on the ad?
[00:16:13] hamiiiii: when do pending ?

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