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[02:38:08] patriot28ken: the ads show up funny
[04:40:40] phamthanh: @admin why my payment is delayed too long?
[10:46:23] phamthanh: Hi admin, Cashout requested using PayPal (pending) 2015-03-29
[11:27:12] Admin [admin]: phamthanh: Sorry you had to wait that long. It will go out to you today!
[11:27:35] Admin [admin]: Payments are now on their way out for most of you! :)
[11:19:08] phamthanh: payment received! thanks! new payment is pending :)
[20:56:10] truongtam: hello
[15:21:15] RaMzEz: @admin -hi! when pending payment will be done ? My payment pending from 2015-04-20
[08:50:15] Admin [admin]: RaMzEz: Your payment is now set to "processing", it will be sent ASAP.
[07:46:30] smartptc: This site has been paying for a long time now, we will all be paid soon, just be patient.
[01:13:57] librosads: can we reffer people to thesite and get % of earnings?
[20:00:37] librosads: current conversion rate goes higher when you send better tier traffic? if im sending tier 3 and shows me 0.50 will go up if i start sending tier 1?
[08:57:28] Admin [admin]: Hello. Some got their payment yesterday, yes. New payments on their way out today, everyone will be paid this time.
[08:57:44] Admin [admin]: librosads: Yes, it does.
[05:17:30] bin23: thanks admin for pay :)
[15:42:29] Noamkarni: Hey Admin, Can i use HitLeap for this website?
[00:56:38] hypermoney: Hi
[00:56:54] hypermoney: There are Framebreakers inside
[00:57:18] hypermoney: means your service is complete senseless for Publishers
[00:58:09] hypermoney: ebesucher.de/framebrechertest.html
[16:07:04] tristan5005: if i request payout now when will i get it
[14:44:46] Admin [admin]: tristan5005: Can take a few days.
[13:21:00] RaMzEz: payment pending form 2015-05-25 it is not FEW days? IT IS FEW WEEKS
[11:05:58] Admin [admin]: RaMzEz: You will be paid within very soon, your payment is set to "Processing".
[05:11:49] rewrewf: how much do i need to cash out
[08:56:29] RaMzEz: for OKPAY no minimum! for PP or PAYza 1$
[16:23:29] Admin [admin]: Hello all. All pending payments will be paid today! :)
[15:17:23] Admin [admin]: Hello all. All pending payments will be paid today! :)
[11:11:50] Sc4Lord: lan hani 1 k ziyaretçi 0.50 dolar d?
[11:12:18] Sc4Lord: 100 puan etmesi için 1000 t?k gerekio nas?? bir kaz?k la bu
[16:22:21] p30page: have you any problem with traffic exchange?
[03:49:01] rhymex: ö?ek yolanci
[05:13:56] DarkDino: Why when i put the Display banner
[05:14:19] DarkDino: its doesn't display and only redirect my website
[13:51:54] Admin [admin]: Hello guys, all pending payments are cleared this weekend! :)
[21:34:09] Aliasger00: ty
[21:40:50] Aliasger00: is it allowed to send hitleap?
[15:55:03] RaMzEz: @ADMIN payment from 2015-08-10 - pending!!!
[21:39:21] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments have been sent out today :)
[03:22:00] x3Richie: .
[03:23:45] x3Richie: hello
[19:03:11] pinocchia: same question here..
[19:03:25] pinocchia: is it allowed to use traffic exchange?
[14:39:16] Admin [admin]: Hello pinocchia. yes it is!
[14:50:54] alican003: jingling saym?yor ?
[14:52:12] alican003: a site does not say what kind ?
[18:05:40] BattleHero: my ads from "ad publiser" not showing, that's blank..
[20:41:39] RaMzEz: 2015-09-03 Cashout requested using OkPay (pending)
[11:20:27] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments are sent out today! :)
[16:48:22] tndeath: when we will be paid?

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