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opportunity to monetize website traffic and earn money.
[20:27:47] Admin [admin]: samwarez: Yes it is. You'll get paid within a few hours!
[15:04:31] Dracossos: I have problem with promote link, there is no advertisment !
[15:37:04] Admin [admin]: Dracossos: That's not a problem! Sometimes we can't show any ads (because we don't have any). You will still get paid for your traffic!
[13:10:36] publicenemy: Hello admin,
thank you very much for the payment
performed and received very quickly, I wish you a good continuation.
Sincerely, long life proptp
[09:50:18] Admin [admin]: publicenemy: Thank you!!
[19:10:55] maxmor8: how many points per view? becuase you're advertising $1.50 but in conversion it says 1000 points = $0.50
[02:57:48] vyktor: ahh can't wait to cashout
[14:03:51] neffer: I'm not getting a notification to verify my email
[17:05:12] Admin [admin]: neffer: Hello. The verification email is not required. However, I can see that you have verified your email address now. Merry christmas!
[22:14:43] DingStage: How many seconds should last a visit to earn credit? 1 second, 5 seconds, 20 seconds?
[00:44:20] Admin [admin]: DingStage: Between 1-3 seconds, the page should be fully loaded which can take a different amount of time depending on your location and our servers peformance.
[00:09:28] DingStage: This site does not working! I am trying for 4 days! Nothing!
[00:15:31] Admin [admin]: DingStage: It's working just fine. What is your problem?
[09:08:49] azia: how to refer friends ?
[09:10:48] azia: please help me i am new here
[22:18:50] Admin [admin]: azia: Sorry, you can not refer friends right now because the referral system is closed.
[22:26:59] azia: when will it open ?
[20:21:57] chrissqq23: Hi
[11:08:13] Admin [admin]: azia: we don't know yet, sorry.
[11:08:21] Admin [admin]: chrissqq23: Hello, welcome! :)
[01:31:21] drknuckles: How many publisher ads can we display per page?
[02:14:36] drknuckles: Also, is this unique impressions only?
[20:56:18] Admin [admin]: drknuckles: You are right!
[20:56:22] Admin [admin]: drknuckles: 3 per page.
[08:31:52] ZanoUnderain: hi admin, why my earning rate gradually drop ? i have 4 vps running with 4 slots of jingling (set to western traffic) and i got only 100-150pt per day ?
[21:04:51] Admin [admin]: ZanoUnderain: The quality of your traffic is very poor, that's why we cannot pay you more. Try sending genuine traffic and the CPM will go up.
[21:06:58] Dracossos: why is not my ad shown?
[21:07:15] Dracossos: in my webpage
[21:10:01] Dracossos: do you allow jingling and hitleap traf.?
[21:13:02] Dracossos: hallloooo
[02:28:51] Dracossos: hi
[18:27:16] asodoco: hi
[12:08:23] truong295: ai viê?t nam không
[19:49:28] cosmic: ö
[15:17:59] RaMzEz: payment pending from 25/03/2015 ((((
[16:43:22] Admin [admin]: RaMzEz: Will be paid soon
[20:51:53] ChrupekPL: help
[20:52:27] ChrupekPL: email does not come !!!!!!!!!!!!1
[09:09:18] phamthanh: payment delayed too long :3
[09:47:59] RaMzEz: admin, payment delayed too long (((
[23:31:23] Iwon100: Cashout requested using PayPal (completed) 10-01-2015, thanks admin
[23:32:12] Iwon100: Cashout requested using PayPal (completed) 10-04-2015, thanks admin
[22:35:33] aedgar90: hi
[02:38:08] patriot28ken: the ads show up funny
[04:40:40] phamthanh: @admin why my payment is delayed too long?
[10:46:23] phamthanh: Hi admin, Cashout requested using PayPal (pending) 2015-03-29
[11:27:12] Admin [admin]: phamthanh: Sorry you had to wait that long. It will go out to you today!
[11:27:35] Admin [admin]: Payments are now on their way out for most of you! :)
[11:19:08] phamthanh: payment received! thanks! new payment is pending :)
[20:56:10] truongtam: hello

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