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[23:46:32] MyNameSucked: Does anyone have any good ideas to get visits?
[11:42:43] bloodkill4nt: @admin let pay :( too slow
[11:55:14] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending PayPal payments are sent out today! :)
[14:53:44] bloodkill4nt: thanks ! Cashout requested using PayPal (processing)
[09:34:29] RaMzEz: @admin and what about OKPAY ?
[09:35:00] RaMzEz: PENDING FROM 2015-09-24
[12:08:12] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending OkPay payments have been sent out today!
[12:08:45] Admin [admin]: RaMzEz: You will receive it today, 100% sure :)
[12:22:01] RaMzEz: @admin can i get one more payment today pls ?
[14:10:45] bloodkill4nt: @admin : i saw you became to NET30 :(
[04:09:36] trickkiste: Really the best way is if you have a website that has good amount of traffic
[03:00:00] RaMzEz: 2015-11-04 Cashout requested using OkPay (pending)
[11:53:04] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! Today all payments will be sent out to you. All payments are processing and will be sent out in a few hours!
[11:53:53] Admin [admin]: bloodkill4nt: We are not NET30! However, our advertisers are not paying us as quick as normally due to heavy load on their side, therefore, our payments are somewhat delayed. Sorry for that!
[00:18:48] RaMzEz: @admin hits not counting
[00:19:12] RaMzEz: site is not work! earnin not grow UP((((
[12:10:40] Admin [admin]: Hello, we had a problem with point counting. The problem is now fixed! Sorry for the problem.
[12:10:48] Admin [admin]: It is now fixed RaMzEz :) Sorry about that!
[11:47:20] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! All pending payments are now released. PayPal, Payza and OkPay payments should reach you within tomorrow! Happy new year to all of you from us!
[09:54:36] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! Payments have been sent out today! :)
[18:32:59] TheMeZia: Or is our referral link ?
[18:20:07] dardan92: payment are NET30 ?
[18:20:48] dardan92: ??????????
[14:30:37] saikiran143: hello
[19:09:18] Admin [admin]: Hello! All pending cashouts has been confirmed (PayPal, OkPay and Payza). You should all get paid within 24 hours!
[13:28:03] aminex6: Hi Admin, my cashout using paypal has failed on proptp but it was successful on ptp24, so I'll request a new cashout again and I hope it will be successful this time, thanks.
[15:28:39] Teknojan26: hi all
[23:23:55] RaMzEz: admin when we got payments?
[12:02:15] zzirngzzvn: Excited to payout :v
[19:26:08] diamondtask: Hi...Admin Here?
[19:59:33] diamondtask: Someone here?
[17:00:01] umutrey: ?'m request payment
[14:16:37] ege0954: hello minimum convert point ? ??
[14:16:57] ege0954: la burda en az kaç puan çekiliyor
[22:31:33] ege0954: hi
[11:13:58] RaMzEz: @admin payment 2 manth pending!
[11:14:09] RaMzEz: it is not OK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[11:32:00] redtefa: Hello.
Why charged 0.3-0.2-0.1 points compre 3-2-1 , so it turns out that $ 0.5-1.5 per 10,000 rather than for 1000
[15:02:17] Admin [admin]: RaMzEz: Your cashout has been sent now along with all others :)
[16:08:30] umutrey: Cashout requested using PayPal (processing)
[16:08:42] umutrey: No come my withdraw
[16:11:48] umutrey: ege dostum 100 puan 0.05$
[18:00:41] Blackhawk33: where is my money...since 2016/04/15
[19:48:08] Blackhawk33: 2016-04-15 Cashout requested using PayPal (pending)..HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO PAY ME...
[14:19:02] Blackhawk33: Cashout requested using PayPal (pending) since 2016-04-15...where is my cash...
[18:02:19] raj1710: my promote page can't open
[20:41:57] Admin [admin]: Hello guys! :) All pending payments have been confirmed tonight! Expect your payments to arrive within a few hours! Thanks a lot.
[07:14:04] RaMzEz: payment not payed yet!!!!
[19:35:32] RaMzEz: payment from 2016-04-13 not get yet! Admin it is not good
[10:57:23] RaMzEz: @admin - site going scam ?

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